December 30, 2010

Simple Toddler Hat Tutorial

Posted by Sofia
Simple. Quick. Easy. Cute. I love projects like that. Okay, making this hat is so simple and easy, i feel embarrassed to write a tutorial on it. But will share it anyways.

Pull out one of your too-tight-haven't-worn-in-two-years stretchy tops. We all have one or two. Or three.

Measure around your child's head and cut out rectangle of that length. Cut exact, no need for seam allowance since fabric is stretchy and hat will be snug fitting. Then sew all around it. When sewing the very top, make sure to stretch your fabric while sewing. 

Since my 'fabric' was one color, i added a cute label on top. Label: cut rectangle, stamp whatever on it, and heat it with iron so ink sets in. 

(enjoying a milkshake)

Alex wore his hat at the airport on our way to California and got lots of compliments from total strangers!! 

If you make your own version of this hat, then leave a comment and share. I can see big potential to lots of fun and crazy children's hats. 


JaelCustomDesigns on January 4, 2011 at 8:46 AM said...

Very Cool! Love the hat!

Popping in to say hi from the Mom Bloggers Club (FFF Group) I'm your newest follower!

You can find me at:

Jeana on January 22, 2011 at 8:05 PM said...

I just love the hat. I think it is great when you can upcycle clothing instead of tossing it out. Nice to meet another blogger from Oklahoma.

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